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Scientific Manager

ProfGiuseppe Masullo

Associate Professor of General Sociology (SPS / 07) and directs International Lab for innovative social research (ILIS) laboratory of interdisciplinary studies and research that promote theoretical, epistemological and methodological advances in the field of social sciences through constant dialogue with scholars who are experts in both national and international.
The research focused purely on the field of social representations, health and disease, cultural dynamics in care relationships with a particular look at the condition of the foreign citizen, as emerges from two monographic works and numerous essays written in books and magazines ; the interest continues, also paying particular attention to situations of disadvantage that arise as a result of the intertwining of conditions of psychological and social vulnerability typical of migration and gender, such as for migrant women employed in care work, and for citizens LGBT foreigners. Other areas of research concern the study of the condition of the young, with particular reference to the cultural models transmitted and the most widespread lifestyles in relation to the dimensions of health, body and sexuality.

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