Digital Social Research: Toward new epistemologies, objects, and populations

Delli Paoli, A., Masullo, G., (2022). Digital Social Research: Toward new epistemologies, objects, and populations. Italian Sociological Review, vol. 12, 7S.

Tipo di contributo: Special Issue su Rivista di Fascia A

Digital Social Research: Toward new epistemologies, objects, and populations. Vol. 12, 7S


  • Angela Delli Paoli, Giuseppe Masullo. Digital Social Research: Topics and Methods
  • Enrica Amaturo, Biagio Aragona, Cristiano Felaco. Epistemic Orientation for the Technological Future. Toward a Research Agenda for Dealing with Social Challenges of Internet of Things
  • Sonia Stefanizzi. From a Theory-Centric View of Social Research to a Data-Centric Approach
  • Cleto Corposanto, Beba Molinari. How Does the Error from Sampling to Big Data Change?
  • Antonio De Falco, Ciro Clemente De Falco, Marco Ferracci. Geo-Social Media and Socio-Territorial Distribution: A Study on the Italian Case
  • Anita Lavorgna, Lisa Sugiura. Blurring Boundaries: Negotiating Researchers’ Positionality and Identities in Digital Qualitative Research
  • Angela Delli Paoli. The Potential of Digital Ethnography for Sensitive Topics and Hidden Population
  • Laura Caroleo, Giuseppe Maiello. Understanding Polarization Effects on Voice-Based Social Media: A Clubhouse Analysis
  • Nicola Capolupo, Gianmaria Bottoni. Do Italians Communicate it Better? Exploring Public Organizations Professionals’ Skills in Learning Environments
  • Gabriella Punziano, Federico Esposito, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli. The Digital Role in Building Public Profiles of Political Actors
  • Gabriella Punziano. Digital Place Narratives and Content Analysis in Tourism Research


  • Marianna Coppola. Defining Hikikomori between Digital Migration, Ghosting and Cyberactivism. A Netnographic Study on Voluntary Social Self-Isolation in Italy
  • Salvatore Monaco. Researching Parenting in Pandemic Times: Tips and Traps from an Italian Experience