The impact of digital on research, socialization, and communication processes

Addeo, F., Mauceri, S., Punziano G., (2022). The impact of digital on research, socialization, and communication processes. Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol. 14, 3.

Tipo di contributo: Special Issue su Rivista di Fascia A

Special section

  • Felice Addeo, Sergio Mauceri, Gabriella Punziano. The Impact of Digital on Research, Socialisation, and Communication Processes
  • Antonio Fasanella, Maria Paola Faggiano. Italian Secondary School Students and the Distance Learning Experience: From Current Critical Issues to Future Opportunities, Reflecting on VR
  • Maria Paola Faggiano, Sergio Mauceri. Italian University Students facing Distance Learning: the Results of a Panel Web Survey
  • Alessandra Decataldo, Brunella Fiore. Digital-Insecurity and Overload: the Role of Technostress in Lecturers’ Work-Family Balance
  • Kwan Meng Lee, Yaprak Pınar. Mentoring and Digital Learning to Enhance the Impact of Social Sciences
  • Mette Rudvin, Edoardo Di Gennaro, Roberta Teresa Di Rosa. Training Language Mediators and Interpreters through Embodied Cognition, Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality: Didactic, Organizational and Cost Benefits
  • Angela Delli Paoli, Giuseppe Masullo. The Desexualization of Society. A Digital Ethnography on the Asexual Community
  • Maria Carmela Catone, Fiorenzo Parziale. Digital Practices, Communicative Codes and Social Inequalities: a Case Study During the Pandemic in Italy
  • Ciro Clemente De Falco, Gabriella Punziano, Domenico Trezza. The Vaccine Is Now Here. The State-Regions Governance Between Converging Plans and Diverging Digital Communication
  • Maria Dentale. Usefulness of Digital Methods in Evaluating School Work Alternance Projects: How Actors and Contexts Under Observation Can Interconnect


  • Andrea Parma. Who Choose Private Schools in a Free Choice Institutional Setting? Evidence from Milan