Between Infodemic and Pandemic: On-line Researches in the Time of COVID-19

Masullo, G., Maiello, G. (2021). Between Infodemic and Pandemic: On-line Researches in the Time of COVID-19. Cultura e Studi del sociale. Vol. 6, 1.

Tipo di contributo: Special Issue su Rivista scientifica


  • MAIELLO,G. – Social and Individual Processes at the Time of the COVID-19 Crisis, 117-122


  • DE FALCO, C.C. & ROMEO, E. – Social Sciences Research Methods Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic. A PRISMA Systematic Review, 123-141
  • DI LISIO, M. & TREZZA, D. – Digital Methods to Study (and Reduce) the Impact of Disinformation, 143-156
  • PALMIERI, F., PAROLA, J., SALLUSTO PALMIERO, M. & TOFANI, R. – Diaries from Isolation. Digital Testimonials’ Analysis During COVID-19 Emergency, 157-174
  • RAMA, I. – The Coronavirus Conversation on Reddit: A Mixed Methods Approach, 175-192

Esperienze e confronti

  • CARLEO, M. – Being a Subject Expert During Covid-Era: An Autoethnographic Experience, 193-200
  • STAVOLO, A. & LUONGO, A. – The Political Communication of Italia Viva on Instagram: From its Formation to the COVID-19 Emergency, 201-210
  • ADDEO, F. ,PUNZIANO, G. & PADRICELLI, G.M. – Prohibitions, Pleasures, and Disasters: Entering the Online “Red zone” as an Experience of Digital Dark Tourism in Time of COVID-19, 211-218

Note e commenti

  • COPPOLA, M. & MASULLO, G. – The COVID-19 Pandemic through the Eyes of Italian Young Hikikomori, 219-226