Research Methods in the Digital Society

Masullo, G., Addeo, F. (2021, a cura di). Research Methods in the Digital Society. Italian Sociological Review, vol. 11, 4S.

Tipo di contributo: Special Issue su Rivista di Fascia A

Research Methods in the Digital Society. Vol. 11, 4S

Table of Contents

  • Felice Addeo, Giuseppe Masullo. Studying the Digital Society: Digital Methods between Tradition and Innovation in Social Research.
  • Enrica Amaturo, Biagio Aragona. Critical Optimism: A Methodological Posture to Shape the Future of Digital Social Research
  • Rita Bichi. Conducting Social Research Online: Empathetic Concern and Sociability
  • Sonia Stefanizzi. The Use of Big Data: Some Epistemological and Methodological Considerations
  • Davide Bennato. The Digital Traces’ Diamond. A Proposal to Put Together a Quantitative Approach, Interpretive Methods, and Computational Tools
  • Alessandro Caliandro. Repurposing Digital Methods in a Post-API Research Environment: Methodological and Ethical Implications
  • Angela Delli Paoli, Valentina D’Auria. Digital Ethnography: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Felice Addeo, Gabriella Punziano, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli. Using Digital Methods to Shed Light on “Border Phenomena”: A Digital Ethnography of Dark Tourism Practices in Time of COVID-19
  • Maria Paola Faggiano, Raffaella Gallo. Content Analysis and Digital Data: Methodological Solutions between Tradition and Innovation. The Case of Digital Campaigns as Meeting Ground of Expertises and Research Perspectives
  • Giuseppe Masullo, Marianna Coppola. Scripts and Sexual Markets of Transgender People on Online Dating Apps: A Netnographic Study
  • Valentina Nerino. Tricked into Supporting: A Study on Computational Propaganda Persuasion Strategies
  • Marco Serino. Culture and Networks in Online Social Fields. Studying the Duality of Culture and Structure in Social Media through Bourdieu’s Theory and Social Network Analysis